Readers Write: Driven to Ask for Better Midos From Drivers

Readers Write: Driven to Ask for Better Midos From Drivers

As New Yorkers, we all have an unfortunate reputation when it comes to how we behave on the road - we're renowned for being rude. 

No one says it has to be that way, though. Working on changing ourselves, one driver at a time can make all the difference. 

I want to suggest the following. 

If you see a mother exiting from a car service with a child in one hand and heavy carriage in the other, don't honk at her. She's doing her best to get out of your way in the fastest way possible. Honking it is not going to encourage her to move faster, in fact, it might actually make things go slower instead. 

Double parking is selfishness to the extreme  - so don't!

If you have a legal driveway, please use it. Consider it your contribution to someone else's peace of mind.  

When you park, always keep in mind the next person who needs a place to park as much as you did, and park the closest you can to the neighboring vehicle. 

And remember - honking doesn't help, period.

If all of us just took one small step in remembering the above and working to make it happen, who knows - maybe the next time we hear about those New York drivers - the speaker will only have good things to say. And better yet, let those good things be about Boro Park drivers!

Menachem Goldstein

photo credit: Flickr

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