READERS WRITE: Gore on Boro Park Streets?

READERS WRITE: Gore on Boro Park Streets?

I am writing this letter to get out the message to businesses to keep our sidewalks clean! Are we allowed to ask for that?

As anyone who has been following the news knows - NYC has an issue with rats. It's something that greater awareness and cooperation can and will change as we all work together. But it's not just unsightly garbage bags that mar the City streets and make walking outside unpleasant. 

Businesses in certain industries can destroy a neighborhood if they aren't careful and take accountability for what they leave behind at the close of the day. 

I can't share specifics, but I can hope that somehow this business in center of our neighborhood can be persuaded to clean up their act so that the fowl residue left at the end of the day, the meat and chicken residue, including blood and gristle, washed out of the storefront and onto the sidewalk and street before their place of business, it disgusts all of us who have to pass by and put up with the smell and mess in the public thoroughfare at the end of each day. 

The tremendous chilul Hashem and the absolute shanda of such actions should be pressure enough to force anyone to clean up their act! Until then, those of us who know will continue to avoid walking anywhere nearby, if we can help it. 

Ezra Kleinman

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