Readers Write: Make a Kiddush Hashem, Clean up After Yourselves

Readers Write: Make a Kiddush Hashem, Clean up After Yourselves

Dear editor. 

Thank you for a wonderful publication, and for publishing this letter. 

We are in the midst of the days of Chol Hamoed, days in which families from throughout the community make their way to parks and attractions, often packing these places with Jewish families. 

For the most part, families exhibit the values that we are so proud of as a community, conducting themselves in a manner that is befitting for Torah Yidden. 

But I would like to bring your readers attention to an issue that sometimes arises on these Chol Hamoed outings: when children (and sometimes adults) leave their trash on the floor—creating a colossal chilul Hashem. 

Trash left by Orthodox Yidden is instantly recognizable based on the kosher brands that they tend to eat—thus, the chillul Hashem is, R”l, made long after they have left the park. 

So, I turn to my Jewish brethren: Don’t allow your fun family outing to turn into an occasion for placing our community in a bad light. 

When taking your families on trips, bear in mind that you’re being observed and watched, whether you’re aware of it or not, and that trash that you leave behind on the floor will be found by someone—someone who will form an opinion of Orthodox Jews based on what they find. 

It’s understandable that, due to kashrus concerns, we must take along all our food from home. But please have a plan to properly dispose of the trash when you’re done with it, utilizing your family trip as an opportunity for kiddush Hashem.  

Sincerely, Ezra Kleinman, Boro Park.

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