Crime Scene Under Investigation After Store Break-in

Crime Scene Under Investigation After Store Break-in

by Mindy Cohn

Two thieves broke into a store by breaking the back window of the establishment on 9th Avenue and 50th Street before entering through the window to rob the premises in broad daylight. 

The two males, wearing masks, hoodies, and gloves, stole over one thousand dollars from the cash register as well as the pushka on the counter while the store's proprietor was out for a few minutes. The video surveillance camera shows the thieves exiting through the front door after pulling a number of coats off the rack and taking those as well.  

The New York Police Department and Shomrim are investigating the scene, as the perpetrators have not yet been arrested. 

Anyone with any information can call the NYPD or Shomrim's hotline at 718-871-6666.

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