SafeTelecom: On the Cutting Edge of Safe Technology

SafeTelecom: On the Cutting Edge of Safe Technology

The recent advent of WhatsApp channels has once again brought the burning issue of safety in technology to the fore. How can we, our ideals, our values, and our kedusha, be protected in a fast-changing world. 

Eli Samuel, founder and CEO of SafeTelecom has been working on revolutionary and unique solutions for close to a decade. “We do things differently over here,” he says. “We write the Android technology from the ground up, so there is no filter or filter company involved. This method ensures that we have full control of what software is running on your phone. We don't mask or block any unapproved software - we simply don't include it in the first place.”

“All the content is filtered from within the software code included in your phone, so your Internet will always "just work" with the fastest and most direct possible connection to your cellular carrier,” Samuel says. 

Endorsed by leading Rabbonim, and trusted by countless mosdos and organizations, SafeTelecom offers customers completely clean technology by taking the most state-of-the-art devices and installing the same operating system that you will find on any Android device while preserving your values and the safety of yourself and your family. 

Samuel and SafeTelecom are constantly exploring new solutions, and remain constantly on the cutting edge of emerging technology—to date, SafeTelecom has the first and the most comprehensive solution to the WhatsApp channel dilemma. “It’s completely blocked for all our users who have the newer KosherOS devices,” Samuel says. 

Once becoming a SafeTelecom customer, the company remains in touch, sending out periodic updates directly to your phone. These will include updates to the efficiency and integration, as well as the kashrus of the material making its way into the phone. 

“We work with the latest Google Pixel devices, and provide our customers with over 500 apps within our store—each and every one of them having been vetted for kosher use. At the same time, customers have the option of closing the App Store altogether—all in keeping with their sensitivities and their values,” Samuel says. 

There is truly nothing that compares to this service when it comes to efficiency and kashrus. 

This Yom Tov season, become a satisfied SafeTelecom customer, and enjoy safe premium technology all year round. or 845-964-7187

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