Suspect in Slew of Yeshiva Burglaries Apprehended by NYPD and Shomrim

Yeshiva administrators are breathing a bit easier this evening as a suspect in a slew of burglaries in their yeshivos has been apprehended by the police.

“It began in July of this past summer,” relates the building manager of one mossad in the Eighteenth Avenue area. “The suspect broke into one of our buildings, and we had footage of it, but since nothing had been taken, law enforcement did not prioritize it.”

Last night, motzei Shabbos, the suspect broken in again to a yeshiva in the area, and yeshiva administrators passed around footage and images of the burglaries in action.

Ironically, as NYPD detectives were taking fingerprints off of the door handles at one yeshiva, the building administrator of Yeshiva Yagdil Torah watched the same suspect enter one the Gerer yeshiva buildings, and immediately alerted Boro Park Shomrim. When he confronted the suspect, he was assaulted by him.

Before he was able to escape, Shomrim and NYPD were on the scene, and promptly arrested him. It is presumed that the fingerprints and video footage from the various crime scenes will be enough to put him behind bars, making the neighborhood just a bit safer.

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