Truck Driver Shortage Contributes to Slowed Supply Chain of Consumer Goods

Truck Driver Shortage Contributes to Slowed Supply Chain of Consumer Goods

     In addition to shipping delays on the seas, at ports, and on railways, a shortage of truck drivers has caused cargo delays that are trickling down to shipments of food, furniture, and most other consumer goods, whose prices are skyrocketing, as a result of their lack of availability.

     “Truck drivers are the backbone of shipping goods and are key to getting things on the shelves so we can buy them,” Fox News reported.

     "I never understood how important a truck driver was until I actually became one because 99% of the things that we own personally has probably come on a truck,” said one new truck driver, who is enjoying the increased salary that comes with participating in a depressed industry that is struggling to get back up to its pre-pandemic activity.

     "The demand for truck drivers, right now, is absolutely breathtaking,” said Bailey Wood, of the Commercial Vehicle Training Association who estimated that at least 60,000 new truck drivers are needed on American roads.

     The American Trucking Associations shows August had its first increase in tonnage that is shipped by trucks since March, but the movement of consumer goods by trucks remains far from pre-pandemic levels.

     Business owners who are struggling to receive shipments can speed up their deliveries by hiring trucks and trains that operate during nighttime and weekend hours, when reduced traffic allows for increased movement, said President Biden said who also is moving the country’s ports to operate on a 24/7 basis to get deliveries moving.

     Businesses, the president said, should take note because “research shows that companies can expect to lose more than 40% of one year’s earnings every 10 years due to supply-chain disruptions.”

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