Tuesday Tip: Provide the Best Customer Service in Town

Tuesday Tip: Provide the Best Customer Service in Town

By Yehudit Garmaise

“It’s not faiiiiiir,” wail many customers who have purchased goods or services that do not meet their expectations.

While no goods and services can satisfy every customer every time, good customer service can keep your clients loyal and even happy.

Retaining customers increases sales, makes references more likely, and builds your brand. In addition, many business owners say that keeping old customers is cheaper in the long run than continuing to chase down new ones. 

To provide you with the best customer service tips par excellence, BoroPark24 spoke with a Boro Park resident who has worked in local customer service for more than 10 years in businesses that have ranged from an art supply store, an educational product company, and an e-commerce company. Perhaps the most challenging customers were those who sought service from an air conditioner repair company in New York City in the summer heat and humidity.

In addition, Ahuva R. often dealt with irate travelers while working at an international airline,

1. Question (Q): What do you see as the Number One job of customer service representatives?

Answer (A): My job is to listen to customers and assume the best of them. 

Empathy, curiosity, and patience are the pillars of providing top-notch customer service for customers around the world.

2. Q: How do you keep your calm with super-whiny or aggressive customers?

A: I patiently let them talk and rant, but if they start to get rude, I honestly just ‘zone out,’ as I try to do with all rude people. 

I try to center myself by hoping that the issue they're having with our company is the worst problem they have this month.

When customers get abusive, I end the phone call or interaction.

3. Q: What is the worst approach customer service representatives can take?

A:  Unfortunately, I once heard a customer service rep speak to customers like they were idiots for calling in to get help.

People don't reach out and request customer service just for fun. Customers call in because they are sincerely in need of help. 

Sometimes their needs are the result of their misunderstandings, but in all cases, customers need representatives to first express understanding. With an empathetic and warm tone, customer services workers should then provide clear, helpful, and constructive answers to address all issues and complaints.

To assess the strengths and weaknesses of their customer service, business owners should regularly listen to their representatives and send out customer surveys.

4. Q: Do customers in Boro Park present any unique challenges?

A: New Yorkers might have a reputation for being difficult, but really so much of that reputation boils down to staying patient about the different ways in which people communicate. 

We have to remember that whether customers are quiet and soft-spoken or loud and kvetchy, they are both likely feeling the same level of frustration. Customers just express their feelings differently and with different levels of middos and self-control.

While an eidel bubbie might express herself meekly about a problem, another customer with the same problem might feel he has to raise his voice to get heard.

Everyone is looking to find common ground, connection, and validation.

Whether a customer is polite, sunny, salty, or spicy, I try to remain detached and professional.

5. Q: What has been most helpful for you as a customer service worker?     

A:  People need training to provide good customer service. Also, customer service should be collaborative with both customers and other employees. 

We need to always look to find common ground with customers in every situation. 

I have learned to ask for help when I feel overwhelmed or at a loss for words.

You need to know you can rely on your co-workers as teammates. No matter how busy a day or season gets, strong working relationships can make anything much easier to handle. 

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