Weekend Weather: More Heavy Rain Expected

Weekend Weather: More Heavy Rain Expected

Today will be partly cloudy in the morning, with a high of 47 degrees. 

Clouds will build over the day, resulting in heavy rainfall after nine p.m., with up to an inch of rain expected by Shabbos morning. 

Wind gusts of 20- 30 miles per hour are expected during the storm. 

Shabbos day will be in the fifties in the morning, with temperatures dropping throughout the day to the upper thirties. Early morning showers should dissipate by seven a.m. Wind gusts between 17-24 mph are expected throughout the day. 

Temperatures Motzei Shabbos will dip into the low thirties but will feel ten degrees colder, given the wind blowing up to 20 mph.

Sunday, things will start to dry out under partly sunny skies, a high of 40 degrees, and winds gusting up to 21 mph.

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