White House Hosts ‘Celebration of Jewish-American Heritage,’ Boro Park Leaders in Attendance

White House Hosts ‘Celebration of Jewish-American Heritage,’ Boro Park Leaders in Attendance

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The month of May has been designated as Jewish heritage month in the United States of America, and it has become a tradition for the president and the vice president, along with their spouses to host a dinner expressing the fact that America is a welcome place for Jews to thrive in freedom, as we have for centuries. 

But this era in U.S. history has seen a rise in anti-Semitic incidents—especially against visibly-Jewish people, which makes this event especially welcome, according to Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, who was one of the 250 guests invited to the White House. 

“It is always an honor to be invited to the White House,” he told BoroPark24. Tuesday was an extremely busy day at the White House as the president is in the midst of hard-fought negations with lawmakers on the debt ceiling. That he made the effort to come out and speak to us speaks volumes about the commitment of the U.S. government to the safety and well-being of Jews in this country.” 

The Assemblyman related that President Biden reiterated this very commitment, saying, “My dad would always tell me how upset he was that our government didn’t do more for the European Jews during WWII. He said they should have bombed the tracks to Auschwitz.” 

"Jeiwh Heritage celebration at the White House is a reflection on how the President and Administration value and respect the diverse contributions of our community to the fabric of our nation--the very essence of the purpose behind Jewish Heritage Month" said Ezra Friedlander, CEO of The Friedlander Group

Rabbi Avi Greenstein, CEO of the Boro Park JCC, was likewise at the event, and he placed it in the following context: “80 years ago, hundreds of Rabbonim marched on the White House, begging to be seen by the president in an effort to spare European Jews… but they were locked out in humiliation. In the short span of this time, American Jews find an open door to the president of the United States who pledges to do all he can for Jews in his country as well as abroad. It’s remarkable.” 

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