Women’s Retreat Facilitates Resolution of Internal Voices That Prevent Self-Acceptance and Peace

Women’s Retreat Facilitates Resolution of Internal Voices That Prevent Self-Acceptance and Peace

By Yehudit Garmaise

Women who attend a two-day retreat on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 at the Double Tree Hilton in Nanuet, NY, will “work with and integrate their different parts to create more wholeness, peace, and acceptance within themselves,” explained Peri Gottlieb, who will be facilitating her third women’s retreat. 

 “Using the therapeutic model Internal Family System, (IFS), in a warm group setting, we can practice holding onto hope, joy, and love, so that we let go of our insecurities and feel more loving of both ourselves and others,” explained Peri, who has IFS-training. 

Richard Schwartz, PhD, who founded IFS, explains that people are more complex than we might have thought.

Instead of merely regarding clients as individuals with their own thoughts, roles, and insecurities, he sees people as “multifaceted human beings who are much more than that.”

In particular, Schwartz says that just as families often include a member who is scared, doubting, or critical, individuals also contain these various voices inside of us.

Just as family members react to situations differently and interact in various ways, the different parts inside of us often react in ways that don’t always benefit us.

“No parts of ourselves are essentially bad,” Peri reassured. “Each part of ourselves has our best interests in mind, each part exists to protect us.”

As Peri uses her emotional intelligence, enthusiasm, and expertise to facilitate exercises in painting, coloring, journaling, and dance, participants will begin to heal and transform their lives.

While complete transformation can only result from a lifelong commitment to learning, and growing, Peri said, “we can create big shifts that can improve our lives.”

“By using different therapeutic modalities and creative tools, we access the right sides of our brains, which can reveal so many more complex emotions than the left sides of our brains, which process things with logic and reason,” Peri explained.

The retreat participants will also practice breathwork and meditation that she says accesses our subconscious and connects them to the Divinity within themselves.

In addition, Rivky Teitlebaum, who is a certified IFS practitioner and an experienced teacher, will be leading workshops and answering questions.

“While Israel is under attack, in this crisis, K’lal Yisroel is coming together as one, BH,” Peri said. “For those of us not on the front lines, our job is to heal, to integrate all the different parts of ourselves, and become one within ourselves. We can leave behind old voices and roles.

“We can emerge victorious from the wars within ourselves.

“We must provide to ourselves the same careful listening, warm love, and unconditional acceptance that always help us to interact better with others,”

In contrast with some retreats that either emphasize intense inner work, or merely focus on providing rest and relaxation, what makes Peri’s retreats unique is that they provide “powerful inner work, but they are also rejuvenating,” said a former participant. “Peri’s retreats are amazing, light, and relaxing.”

“We can evolve, we can become more whole, and more at peace with ourselves and with the people around us,” Peri said. “While we provide therapeutic elements, they are in an easy, enjoyable manner that people love. My participants say they love the combination of self-reflection, rest, and relaxation. 

For instance, not only will the retreat include kosher, catered meals, the hotel provides a large, beautiful pool, and massages will be available at “retreat-rates.” 

“The deep, inner work that we do together will spark powerful healing and transformation that will lead us to be better mothers, wives, workers, and colleagues.” 

“Above all: I want women to leave my retreats feeling more self-love, empowerment, compassion, and acceptance.”

To reserve your spot, please text or WhatsApp (914) 906-1109.

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