Zuckerberg Launches New "Communities" Feature on WhatsApp

Zuckerberg Launches New "Communities" Feature on WhatsApp

by M.C. Millman

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta Founder and CEO, posted a video today on his Facebook page announcing the launch of many new features on WhatsApp. 

Zuckerberg describes the launch as a "major evolution on WhatsApp". 

You can find the new Communities tab on the application. According to Zuckerberg, admins will now have the tools to organize conversations under one umbrella. 

New features rolled out today are polls, 32-person calls, shareable call links to set up a group call for later, and more. The application has recently added other features to improve the chat experience, including reactions and larger file-sharing capabilities. 

"I believe that close-knit communities need private and secure ways of connecting amongst themselves," Zuckerberg shared. "With these additional features, WhatsApp is more private and secure than our competitors."

The video, posted early this morning, already has close to 400 thousand views and 14 thousand comments. Many comments were positive, but it seems users still have privacy concerns. As one commentator wrote, "'more' secure than competitors, good choice of words, Zuck". 

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