As Biden’s Approval Levels Sink to Lowest Numbers, He Blames Republicans for Nationwide Crime Surge

As Biden’s Approval Levels Sink to Lowest Numbers, He Blames Republicans for Nationwide Crime Surge

By Yehudit Garmaise

Despite years of anti-police sentiment coming from the far left, President Joe Biden today intends to blame Republicans for the violent crime nationwide that just won’t stop, when he urges cities nationwide to hire more police officers using $10 billion from his outsize federal stimulus package.

Although Republicans balked at the bloated $1.9 trillion stimulus package because they did not want to overspend and create the historic inflation that now plagues Americans, President Biden is claiming that they did not support his landmark bill because they did not want to spend the $10 billion that was earmarked for “public safety.”

However, the president did not mention using the funds for policing until months after the bill passed.

Two years after Democrats painted every police officer in the United States with the same hostile brush, now, with Biden’s approval ratings at their lowest valley and the midterm elections looming on Nov. 8, the president is incredulously claiming that Republicans are not tough on crime.

Since the U.S.’s messy and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021, President Biden’s approval numbers have been sinking: hitting their lowest valley this week, with 61%, of Americans disapproving of how he has failed to handle violent crime, according to a recent CBS poll.

Now the president hopes to prevent Republicans from taking Congress by characterizing himself as a president that strongly backs the blue, but he risks angering left-wing Democrats who favor slashing police.

“Let’s consider what Republicans are doing when it comes to making our communities safer,” an administration official outlandishly claimed to the New York Post after years of Democratic anti-police sentiment. “Congressional Republicans voted unanimously in Congress against every cent of the $10 billion that’s now being used by over 300 communities to put more cops on the beat and invest in neighborhood-based crime prevention programs.”

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