Behind the Workings of Mr. Super Handyman

From as young an age as 6 or 7, Meyer Fried was already experimenting with his nimble hands. The art of taking things apart and putting them back together intrigued Meyer propelling him to launch Mr. Super, the company he runs today. 

Beginning in 2014, Mr. Super’s initial business model was primarily servicing apartment buildings by providing them with superintendents to perform basic sanitary and patch-up needs.

As time went on, Meyer detected an overwhelming lack of repair servicemen for private homeowners in the Brooklyn area. Meyer was once referred to as a “lifesaver” by a customer who constantly struggled to find the right person for her household repair needs. As a homeowner, Meyer understood the struggle to get things fixed and improved around the house. And so, he decided to fill that void by launching a curated service for homeowners called Mr. Super Handyman. 

With their expertise, Mr. Super Handyman employees are more than capable of every variety of handiwork and there is never a dull moment on the job site. Between installing door handles, laying down tile, swapping out light fixtures, and repairing just about everything a homeowner may need, the constant need for a “quick fix” keeps Mr. Super Handyman busy! 

Mr. Super Handyman prides itself on its number one goal of keeping customers happy. To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, Meyer makes it a point to only bring in expert handymen with 10+ years of experience and makes sure that every job is accomplished quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, Meyer makes sure that the handymen always clean up after themselves, leaving the work area spotless. The professional and thoughtful workers do not rest until there’s a smile on the customer's face. Meyer shared that 98% of the jobs Mr. Super Handyman handles are completed within 24 hours or less.  

Mr. Super Handyman is a brand that’s here for you. They stand behind what they do.

They make it easy and convenient for anyone to reach out through their WhatsApp number, which you simply message to get in touch. To contact Mr. Super Handyman for your household repairs, WhatsApp 718-594-0868 Office number: 718-218-5555

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