Boro Park Snapshot: Hungarian Kosher Cuisine

Boro Park Snapshot: Hungarian Kosher Cuisine

By Yehudit Garmaise:

 If customers see anything dietetic in Hungarian Kosher Cuisine, it was not created by co-owner, Shmelka Friedman, he explains with a laugh.

   After working as a bus driver and running an envelope business, Freidman and his partner Chesky Greenfield had the opportunity, 34 years ago, to buy the take-out business on 5009 16th Ave, from Yankel Edelshtain, who, 50 years ago, called the eatery Edelshtain’s Takeout.

   Why did Friedman want to get into the take-out business, asks Heshy Rubinstien from

   “To become a taster of all the great food,” Freidman says with a hearty laugh. When Rubinshtain asks the co-owner why he and his partner named their store, “Hungarian Cuisine,” Friedman explains with the question, “Who else knows how to cook?”

   Friedman, not only owns, but works as a chef, for Hungarian Kosher Cuisine, where everything they sell is made within the store.

   The shop’s busiest days are Thursdays and Friday, and everything is take-out: no one eats in.

   Although a variety of customers come in to grab lunch or supper, Hungarian Kosher Cuisine has its share of regulars who have their favorite dishes.

   “Every day: every single day, one lady came in to get the same knish!” Friedman says smile! “She really liked our knishes!”

   How did you get to be such a mayven in food, Rubinstien asks as he leaves.

   “Just look at me, and you will see!” Freidman says with a parting laugh.

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