Boro Park Snapshot: Prestige Puzzles

Boro Park Snapshot: Prestige Puzzles

New stores open every day, what separates the success of one from the other is what it offers. Customers are drawn to stores that serve a necessary purpose but at the same time an original idea. Yossi Greenwald, the owner of Prestige Puzzles, has done just that. His store is unique and different and something you never knew you needed but do.

Mr. Greenwald opened a laminating business 18 years ago. He originally only laminated pictures in the basement of a house on 44th street. A lot of customers would come to have their pictures done and would also bring him puzzles. Yossi saw this as a new opportunity and started officially selling and laminating puzzles. Over time the store moved away from picture laminating and transitioned into what it is today, Prestige Puzzles.

Six years ago, he moved from the basement into a store front at 4208 14th avenue.

Mr. Greenwald carries puzzles ranging in all sizes up to 40,000 pieces. You can choose from a huge selection of designs and prints. He recently started manufacturing and selling his own collection of Judaica puzzles.

During the height of the coronavirus, there was a shortage of puzzles in the country. People were bored and so they spent their time puzzling.

 Slowly Yossi has restocked his store and is back with many options.

Normally one goes to a store buys a puzzle, puts it together, then breaks it up and places it back in the box and forgets about it. What makes Mr. Greenwald’s store so unique is that he will laminate the puzzle for you, on premises, when you are done. You buy a puzzle from his store and come back when it is done, he will permanently fuse the pieces together, so you can have it hung.

Another unique aspect Prestige Puzzles offers its customers is that when you lose a piece or two of a puzzle and the picture is incomplete, he will create the part of the design that is missing to fully complete it.

Heshy Rubinstein, of, asked Yossi about an interesting customer experience, he replied with a story, “I had a couple come in once with a 42,000-piece puzzle to be laminated. I was in awe of it. They told me that they are professional puzzlers. They explained that they love puzzles because they enjoy creating something big and beautiful out of tiny, seemingly insignificant, fragments. They even built a room in their house dedicated to puzzle making.”

Prestige Puzzles offers an exciting and large selection of puzzles to choose from with the convenience of onsite laminating making the store one of a kind.

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