Boro Park Snapshot: Refresh Fruit

Boro Park Snapshot: Refresh Fruit

Lipa Salamon worked for his father for five years after he got married. He was a manager at his father’s supermarket, Yidel’s, on the corner of 12th avenue and 50th street.

In 2015, Lipa’s uncle, Mr. Kaufman, was selling his fruit store, he wanted to focus on his wholesale business and couldn’t put his all into both projects, so he sold it.

That summer Lipa bought it, though right before Mr. Kaufman had done some renovations and renamed the store from its original title of Royal Fruit to Refresh Fruit.

When Lipa got involved in the business he knew he needed to give his customers something amazing. Most grocery stores today sell their own fruits and vegetables, it’s a one stop shop, and so he needed to offer more to get people to want to make the extra effort to come to him. After a while he realized the only thing he can do is provide the freshest, tastiest and highest quality fruit. With continuous determination and effort he does just that.

Most companies will use the same suppliers every season, every year, they form a relationship and get what they need, its easy. Mr. Salamon however, does not do that, every season he works with new brands and new sellers based on who can supply him with the best. He doesn’t take the easy route, he makes sure that whatever he is selling is top. He will work with people from Guatemala, Costa Rica, California, anywhere, as long as they provide the finest produce there is. It is a constant effort he must put in but that is what makes his store so special.

“I even have fruits that are out of season. I find a buyer from a region that is producing them, and I bring it in.” Lipa told Heshy Rubinstein of 

Refresh has two mashgichim washing, cleaning and inspecting their vegetables.

At Refresh Fruit, they hand pick what they put out on the shelves. Stores pay for fruit by the box, so most people who want to get the most for their money, will display all the box’s content, regardless of how nice each specific piece is. Lipa will never do that. He usually displays only 75 percent because there is always at least 25 that will not meet his criteria of quality.

In order to bring a unique feature to his brand, Lipa started an in-store juice bar where you can order freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. He also sells his own cut up fruits, “It tastes even better than buying it fresh.” He has mango, watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple and more. 

His customers are people who appreciate and want the best, the freshest and the tastiest fruit there is. Those people will come from all over to buy from Refresh.

Refresh Fruit also offers a selection of produce you won’t find anywhere else and that is why they are so popular during times like Rosh Hashana and Tu B’shvat. During those seasons Lipa carries the most exotic assortment of over 35 choices of fruit from around the world.

Refresh Fruit is offering a 10 percent discount to all customers who mention this Boropark24 snapshot.

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