BoroPark24's Newest Column: Boro Park Debates

BoroPark24's Newest Column: Boro Park Debates

by BoroPark24 Staff

Introducing BoroPark24's latest conversation piece - where the conversation revolves around Boro Park with a focus on its residents. This is your opportunity to share your opinion with thousands of readers on what matters to Boro Park. 

Boro Park Debates: Safety Barriers or Parking Spots?

In a letter addressed to the New York City DOT Commissioner, local New York politicians have requested that the DOT immediately install physical barriers such as planters and landscaping to absorb stormwater runoff at 100 intersections per year by 2025.


The city of Hoboken, New Jersey, has famously reduced pedestrian deaths in recent years by implementing a similar program at every intersection. The project resulted in a 30 percent decrease in pedestrian injuries caused by vehicles.


The safety barriers initiative is a natural outgrowth of Vision Zero, first launched in 2014. Here we are ten years later, and the goal of zero casualties has not even come close to being met.

Even more, adding physical barriers at every intersection means taking away at least two parking spots per block in the already overwhelmingly crowded streets of Boro Park, where parking is already a flashpoint issue.

What is your take?


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