Captured Moment: The Vintage Hatzolah Ambulance

Captured Moment: The Vintage Hatzolah Ambulance

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In this introductory “Captured Moment” column we take the opportunity to pay tribute to the selfless heroism and sacrifice of our Hatzolah members who are currently in the midst of the third Hatzolah-Thon.

This vintage Hatzolah ambulance was parked at a busy Boro Park intersection, a mere few blocks from where the current Boro Park Hatzolah garage and headquarters is located. Today, as then, this corner sees much car and pedestrian traffic. Was this ambulance—parked there circa 1980—on a call? Which of the early pioneer Hatzolah members would have been behind the wheel?  We will probably never know.

Can any of our readers guess the location?   

Each week BoroPark24 brings you a captured moment from old-time Boro Park. 

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