FDA Says Amoxicillin Among Drugs That Are in Short Supply This Winter

FDA Says Amoxicillin Among Drugs That Are in Short Supply This Winter

M.C. Millman

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which tracks drug shortages, lists amoxicillin oral antibiotic powder for suspension as one of the drugs in short supply as the cold and flu season is off to the worst start in more than a decade, according to the organization.

Amoxicillin is widely used to treat bacterial infections in the ears, nose, throat, respiratory tract, urinary tract, or skin. It is also widely used for treating lower respiratory infections in children.

According to the FDA, other commonly found medications that could also be in short supply include Albuterol Sulfate Inhalational Solution. The shortage of Albuterol has been caused by the high demand for it during COVID.

Epinephrine Injection has also been placed on the shortage list.


Local shortages of Tamiflu have also been reported due to high demand. Still, ABC News reports that there is no official Tamiflu shortage.

Reasons for the shortages have been blamed on a lack of raw materials, issues with the supply chain, blamed largely on China, and problems at manufacturing plants.

This is another example of a critical shortage demonstrating the need to overhaul many of the U.S. supply chains. In this case, the shortage of amoxicillin can easily lead to the unnecessary use of more potent antibiotics, leading to even more antibiotic resistance with a potentially life-threatening end result.

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