Fox News Comes to 13th Avenue to Interview NY-10 Candidate Brian Robinson

Fox News Comes to 13th Avenue to Interview NY-10 Candidate Brian Robinson

By Yehudit Garmaise

A Fox News cameraman and reporter came to 13th Avenue and 50th Street today to interview Brian Robinson, who is running in the Aug. 23 Democratic primary to represent New York’s 10th District.

Robinson, who is Jewish, pro-yeshiva, pro-Israel, and strong on public safety, was proud that Fox, which is filming six District 10 candidates in different NYC neighborhoods, chose Boro Park as the backdrop from which to interview him for a program that will be aired at a time yet-to-be determined on Sunday evening.

“I love Boro Park,” Robinson told BoroPark24. “It’s clean, the people are warm. I love the bakeries and all the small shops.

“We just really need to make sure that public safety in this city is taken seriously, which is why I love Shomrim, who take care of the people. They are doing the job that the government, unfortunately, is not doing a good job of doing.

“I love the assertiveness of a community that saw that, and said, ‘Ok [public safety] is not working. We are going to take it on ourselves.

“That is what I am so impressed by. There is a lot to love about Boro Park.”

Robinson asked a few Shomrim volunteers to join his interview, he said because he “wanted people nationally to see what it is they really do, how important they are to the community, and how they work overtime, without being paid, to help people: not only who are Jewish, but anyone in need.”

Robinson also “strongly wants to empower small businesses,” such as Strauss Bakery, the source of the candidate’s favorite chocolate rugalach, which he was happy to see stands right near where he was interviewed, before he and the crew walked over to Masbia.

“I wanted to show Fox the good the Chassidic community does others, and not just people in the Chassidic community,” Robinson said. 

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