Gov. Kathy Hochul Says MTA Fare Hikes are Off the Table Because of “Long Overdue” Infrastructure Bill

Gov. Kathy Hochul Says MTA Fare Hikes are Off the Table Because of “Long Overdue” Infrastructure Bill

By Yehudit Garmaise

Gov. Kathy Hochul announced that President Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, which includes $621 billion for transportation, has ensured that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) will not need to raise fare rates and that service cuts that were planned for 2023 and 2024 are now completely off the table.

 "We anticipate that there'll be no fare hikes for the MTA,” Gov. Hochul said at the Albany International Airport on her way to the White House for the president to sign the long-awaited infrastructure bill to make many repairs in the categories of transportation, water, broadband and power, housing and education, research and development, and manufacturing and labor.

In the transportation category, for instance, the US has slotted to use $620 billion to improve and modernize roads, highways, bridges, Amtrak, and freight rail service, electric vehicles, airports, and ports.

“Those of you who are commuters on the MTA and have been anxious about how much [fares are] going to go up, especially in this era of inflation, I'm really excited to say that we will not have to raise the fares or have any service cuts,” said Gov. Hochul who called Biden’s infrastructure bill “a long overdue, generational opportunity to transform infrastructure in America.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio was happy to say that he would also be attending the bill-signing at the White House, “celebrating the importance of this moment.”

Although Mayor de Blasio said that areas in the US “need help” with their infrastructure, “our older cities and our bigger cities like New York City, especially needed the federal funds to make improvement.

Infrastructure is “one of the areas with which New York City needs the most help: to improve mass transit and make roads and bridges safer and better.

“I'm going to be down there in Washington with the president and everyone else celebrating the importance of this moment,” the mayor said this morning. “We have been waiting literally for decades for this kind of investment in infrastructure in this city.”

“We could not move forward into our future without a federal partner helping us with infrastructure, which the mayor called “the money we need to improve all of the things that are going to take us into a greener future. 

“Make sure there's more bike lanes, more busways, to make sure that Vision Zero and safety come first. And then things like more broadband to provide access to the economy of tomorrow. 

“There is so much in this infrastructure bill that will help New York City: a major moment today and an example of things, really getting done.”

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