Hatzolah Launches “Stop the Rush” Campaign, Imploring Community to Drive Safely Even at Stressful Times

Hatzolah Launches “Stop the Rush” Campaign, Imploring Community to Drive Safely Even at Stressful Times

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As the Hatzolah-Thon 2023 to raise funds for Hatzolah’s lifesaving work winds down, Hatzolah does not for a moment take its eyes off its mission of saving lives.

Now, Hatzolah of Boro Park’s leadership began to think about an initiative to prevent accidents before they occur.

Gathering data on unsafe driving in Boro Park this past erev Shabbos, the results were alarming.

An astounding 52 drivers ran red lights in that one day alone, endangering the lives of themselves and their fellow members of the community.

Hatzolah publicized the statistic in the endeavor to wake up the public to this dangerous reality, and is continuing this campaign in an effort to save lives.

A high-placed Hatzolah source familiar with the campaign told BoroPark24, “Chazal tell us that, in some cases, someone who damages property as he’s rushing on erev Shabbos and Yom Tov, is absolved from paying… this is not an invitation to be reckless during these times, certainly not when lives are at stake.

“We turn to the Boro Park community with the following plea: danger doesn’t take a break. It doesn’t care what time of the week or day it is. Venishmartem Me’od l’nafshoseichem applies always, at all times,” he said.

The campaign extends beyond red lights, and asks drivers to take care to observe speeding and other road rules.

As Hatzolah’s representative observed, “We know that we’re allowed to desecrate Shabbos and Yom Tov in order to save lives—that’s how precious life is. Let’s not allow the rush to prepare for Shabbos and Yom Tov to Chas v’sholom bring about the loss of life.”

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