Hottest August in a Decade for NYC

Hottest August in a Decade for NYC

BY: Yaker Biegeleisen

With two days remaining in the month of August, weather experts can already confirm that this month has been the hottest in over a decade. It is also among the four hottest Augusts in 153 years. 

They base this on this month having had eleven days with over 90-degree weather, while the average is four days. 

Making this year even more unusual is that August was even hotter than July, which is typically the hottest month of the year. 

One more factor is, as we have reported previously, the dearth of rain— this month saw less than half the rainfall of last August. Dry ground contributes to higher temperatures, since the ground warms faster, bringing up the overall temperatures. 

If reading these data points causes you to break into a sweat, you may be comforted by the fact that, according to the Farmers Almanac, the winter of 2023 is on track to be very cold.

Photo: Alamy

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