In Just A Decade: A Stretch of 13th Avenue Undergoes Complete Transformation

In Just A Decade: A Stretch of 13th Avenue Undergoes Complete Transformation

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It was not that long ago when the stretch of 13th Avenue between 44th and 45th Street was occupied by completely different tenants. If there is any one block on this commercial thoroughfare that has undergone a complete transformation in a short period of time, it is this one.

Let's take a journey back in time to the stores that stood here in the past. 

We begin with Boro Park Foodmart—possibly the first 24-hour supermarket in Boro Park—which stood at the corner of 45th Street for many years. Today, the space is occupied by a silver store. On the opposite corner stood The Children’s Place for many years. It has been replaced by the Satmar Butcher along with the Apstone Chasunah mall. 

HSBC Bank occupied two storefronts on this stretch that today houses Kidichic and Udel clothing stores. This location also served in the last years as a temporary store for special occasions and sales events.

Payless Shoes was another tenant close to 45th Street, and they have been replaced as well as time and change march on in 2024. 

LabCorp was there for some years, but today, The Towel and Home Shoppe is located in this space.

photos: Google Maps, Zevi Klein/BoroPark24

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