Israel Postpones Admitting Vaccinated Tourists, in Light of COVID Uptick

Israel Postpones Admitting Vaccinated Tourists, in Light of COVID Uptick

     The Israeli government has postponed admitting vaccinated tourists until August, as the country faces an increase in COVID cases.

      Israelis who are vaccinated or recovered from COVID may be ordered to enter quarantine when necessary, however, the Health Ministry is not considering lockdowns in the cities where the outbreaks are occurring, according to Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz.

      Although the number of new COVID cases remains very low compared to the thousands of new patients that emerged every day during the peak of the pandemic, today, Israel registered 110 new coronavirus cases, including 14 tourists who are coming in from abroad.

     The number of new COVID cases is down slightly from yesterday, when 125 new virus carriers were identified, however the number is still high compared to previous weeks. The last time the country had more 100 new virus carriers a day was in April.

     Currently, Israelis who are considered fully immunized, which they are considered a week after their second shots or after recovering from COVID, are exempt from quarantining, even if they come in contact with identified virus carriers.

     However, now, the Health Ministry’s director general or the head of Public Health Services will be able to demand that fully immunized Israelis isolate if they come into contact with anyone who is infected with any variant of the virus, according to a new directive signed by the ministry’s Director General Chezy Levy, who also restored the country’s mandates to wear masks at airports and at medical facilities.

     In addition, parents or those responsible for minors under the age of 12, who are required to quarantine, can receive fines of 5,000 shekels, or approximately $1,500, when minors do not comply with the rule to quarantine.

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