Junior Chef: Picnic Lunch Skewers

Junior Chef: Picnic Lunch Skewers

Ready for some picnic fun? Enjoy these mess-free, ready-to-eat picnic sandwich skewers. Your Junior Chef is going to love 'em!

You will need:


Peanut butter 


String cheese 

Cherry Tomatoes 


Step-by-step Instructions:

Step, #1: Spread your peanut butter and jelly onto your bread or use any other spread you like.

Step #2: Cut up your sandwich into bite-size squares.

Step #3: Cut your string cheese into small squares 

Step #4: Start by taking a piece of your bite-size bread and push it through the skewer all the way down. Continue by adding a piece of cheese and then a tomato. Continue doing that until the skewer is full.

Eat and enjoy! 

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