Khal Mareh Yechezkel to Welcome Sefer Torah in Honor of Karlsburger Rov

Khal Mareh Yechezkel to Welcome Sefer Torah in Honor of Karlsburger Rov

Monday, the second day of selichos, the Karlsburger kehillah will welcome a brand new Sefer Torah, dedicated in the memory of the unforgettable ga’on and posek, Rav Yechezkel Roth, zt”l


The Torah is donated by his grandson, Reb Yoel Roth, a son of Rav Baruch Dovid Roth, shlit”a, the current Av Beis Din Mareh Yechezkel who assumed the place of his saintly and illustrious father. 


The Gaavad’s impact within the Borough Park community and beyond is immeasurable—with his complete mastery of kol hatorah kulah, and his kedushah, taharah, and avodas hashem. 


Although he had many chassidim and admirers… those who knew to appreciate his greatness in Torah and dveikus b’Hashem.. it was his family, those closest to him, who revered and loved him most. Said his grandson, Reb Yoel: “My heilige zeide’s entire essence was Torah—he had nothing else in the world. He was the masmid hador, and thus, there could be no greater tribute to his life than a Sefer Torah.” 


The procession will depart the home of ABD Mareh Yechezkel, 1560 53rh street, toward Khal Mareh Yechezkel, 1466 54th Street, at 6:30 p.m. Monday afternoon.  




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