Khal Me’or Hatefillah Concludes Hungary Trip ‘On the Path of Torah’ on Spiritual High

By: Yehuda Alter

This past week, 120 husbands and fathers of Khal Me’or Hatefillah, led by their Rov and spiritual guide, Rav Yosef Panth, shlit”a, returned from a trip to mekomos hakedoshim in Hungary with renewed spiritual energy to continue illuminating their homes with the light of Torah and tefillah. 

The purpose of the trip—every detail of which was planned to perfection—was simply to strengthen a growing kehillah with i a deep commitment to Torah learning and spiritual growth. 

“In the path of Torah,” it was coined… and in the lead up to the journey—which would take them the resting places of the greatest Torah luminaries in Hungary—much ado was made about renewing the commitment, encouraging the men to join the deaf Yomi bandwagon at Mo’ed Kotton in time for the grand siyum in Budapest. 

“Every moment of the trip was spiritually charged,” relates one participant. “The tears teh flowed like a river at the mekomos hakedoshim came from a place of deep yearning to connect to their Torah ways, and to bring home yeshuo’s for our families and all of Klal Yisroel.” 

A major highlight of the trip was the time spent at the Chasam sofer’s resting place in Pressburg. “Our Rov delivers five shiurim each and every day, and it is rare that he should not mentioned a chasam sofer at a shiur…,” he explained. 

It is an interesting phenomenon, one that has been often noted by those familiar with this unique kehillah on the edge of Boro Park: for a community named Me’or Hatefillah to have Torah be such a defining presence within it. But perhaps, the ‘light’ in tefillah indeed refers to teh Torah that purifies, illuminates and elevates the tefillah… and indeed their entire connection to Hashem. 

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