Many New Business Establishments Springing up Throughout Boro Park

Many New Business Establishments Springing up Throughout Boro Park

BoroPark24 Staff

As winter winds down, Boro Park residents have noted many new stores opening, with more on the way.

For those who want to hop over for a fresh slice of pizza, the new Pie & Fries located at 5326-13th Avenue offers a delicious pizza pie for just $15.00. This is in addition to their full pizza and milchig menu.

The Organicer store, located at 4717 New Utrecht Avenue, will soon join the parade of 13th Avenue retail stores, at the corner of 48th Street, beneath the respected and also relatively new Headway Services, which boasts a sensory gym and many other beneficial services to improve to the lives of our precious children. 

Moving toward the lower avenues, Fig, a new cellphone store opened at 4004-13th Avenue. The new enterprise is right next door to the up-and-coming US Tiles showroom, which recently went into contract for the 40th Street corner location, and is another welcome and eagerly anticipated addition to the Boro Park shopping experience.

On the same block, a third new retail outlet recently hung its hat. The new Biber Hats store is stocked with a full selection of beautiful, quality Chassidish men's hats that retain shape and color even after rain exposure. 

So, while spring is not technically here yet, Boro Park is more than ready to greet the new season.

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