Mayor Adams Hosts Vibrant Jewish Heritage Celebration at Gracie Mansion

Mayor Adams Hosts Vibrant Jewish Heritage Celebration at Gracie Mansion

by M.C. Millman

In honor of Jewish Heritage Month, Mayor Eric Adams celebrated at Gracie Mansion with community leaders and public officials who gathered to honor Jewish Heritage and Jewish contributions to the City's culture and history. 

The Mayor's speech touched on the horrifyingly vitriolic antisemitic commencement tirade delivered and applauded by those in attendance on May 12 at CUNY Law's graduation ceremony.

"I will tell you," the Mayor said, "if I had been on that stage when those comments were made, I would have stood up and denounced them immediately because we cannot allow that to happen. The silence we see amidst the hate we are experiencing will never be the silence that will be in City Hall as long as I am the Mayor of NYC!"

The Mayor honored NYPD officers. He also awarded the Tanzers recognition for their remarkable efforts and impactful initiatives while commending them for their outstanding organizational skills and profound contributions to the community. 

Benny Friedman provided a poignant rendition of G-d Bless America, with attendees joining in at the close, sending echoes of the last notes reverberating through the heats and souls of all in attendance.

Photos by: Lensky photo, Hamodia

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