Mayor Considers Assemblyman Eichenstein’s Idea to Hit Hate Crime Perpetrators “In Their Pocketbooks”

By Yehudit Garmaise

     Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, who feels that “other avenues of justice have been thwarted,” such as New York’s current bail reform laws that almost immediately release perpetrators of hate crimes back onto the streets has proposed that victims of hate crimes “legally pursue” their attackers by filing civil lawsuits against them.

     Attorney David Schwartz, with whom Assemblyman Eichenstein is working on his latest anti-hate crime initiative, speaks about using the courts to create financial consequences for perpetrators of hate crimes, such as garnishing their wages, freezing their bank accounts, putting liens on their property, and contacting their business associates.

    This morning, BoroPark24 asked Mayor Bill de Blasio whether he thinks the threat and practice of bringing civil lawsuits against perpetrators of hate crimes would have any effect in deterring them.

     “I think it's an idea that needs to be explored, because we've got to create every conceivable disincentive to stop hate crimes,” said Mayor de Blasio, who also said that he had “a lot of respect for the Assembly Member [Simcha Eichenstein],” who “was a member of our team and did great work here in City Hall and has done great work in the Assembly.” ”And I think that's a real interesting [idea]: hitting [perpetrators] in their pocket books.

    “I kind of like that, but we need to look at, of course, all the pros and cons and how it would play out.”

      The mayor also addressed Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s current bail laws, which, within 24 to 48 hours, return perpetrators of hate crimes right back to the streets without being prosecuted, just to return to the streets and commit more hate crimes and hurt more people, as happened again and again in Boro Park and Crown Heights, especially in late 2019 and early 2020.

     “I also think in terms of the bail laws, which that hate crimes are one of those categories that needs to be reconsidered because if someone has committed a hate crime there needs to be a very clear, sharp sense of consequence.

     “People have to see the consequences. So, that's another area I think that needs to be reconsidered now.”

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