MTA Rolls out 60 More Electric Buses: with Goal to Go 100% Electric by 2040

MTA Rolls out 60 More Electric Buses: with Goal to Go 100% Electric by 2040

By Yehudit Garmaise 

Sixty new electric buses will hit NYC’s streets by 2023, adding to the 15 that have already started to replace the old city buses that wheeze unhealthy chemicals and smoke that cause asthma and air pollution, Gov. Kathy Hochul announced on Friday.  

By continuing to deploy electric buses citywide, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is following up on a 2018 commitment to deploy a zero-emission bus fleet by 2040: an effort the governor said can prevent the 520,000 metric tons of carbon emissions that the old city buses release into the air New Yorkers breathe.

The first of MTA’s new electric buses will begin arriving at depots in the second half of 2022, to start to replace the more than 1,300 low-emissions hybrid buses: 399 of which  already run on battery-only electric vehicle mode a portion of the time.

By 2023, however, the 60 new electric buses will be transporting New Yorkers at six bus depots citywide in communities that show the highest rates of asthma and air pollution, which in Brooklyn, is in East New York, for buses that provide wheels for the following routes: the B12, B14, B15, B17, B25, B42, B45, B65, B82, B83, B84, Q24, and the Q56.  

While 75% of the MTA’s bus routes run through communities whose residents earn low to moderate-incomes, those same communities show disproportionately high rates of asthma and air pollution.

The historic $51.5 Billion MTA 2020-2024 Capital Program includes $1.1 billion in funding to buy another 500 electric buses to reach the MTA’s goal to create a 100% zero-emission bus fleet in the next 18 years.

Photo credit: (Marc A. Hermann / MTA)

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