MTA to Install Live Camera Coverage in All 472 NYC Subway Stations by End of 2021

MTA to Install Live Camera Coverage in All 472 NYC Subway Stations by End of 2021

   The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) wants New Yorkers to feel safer on the subway.

     After installing 1,000 security cameras throughout the city’s subway and two regional commuter rail systems last year, the MTA transit officials said Wednesday that they aim to have live coverage of all 472 subway stations by end of 2021.

     Currently, 70% of New York City subway stations have live coverage.

     In addition, MTA officials say tens of thousands of cameras are installed on vehicles and in stations across the subway, commuter rail, and bus systems and in facilities, such as yards.

      ”We are dealing with the perception the subway is not safe,” said NYPD’s Transit Chief Kathleen O’Reilly said, who added that more cameras in the system would help to deter criminal behavior. 

      MTA Chairman Patrick Foye said the transit system is safer than it was a decade or more ago, however fewer New Yorkers are using the subway than they did before the COVID-19 pandemic, and crimes and misdemeanors per rider have increased. 

      The subway, which used to carry 5.5 million riders on an average weekday, recently surpassed 2 million weekday riders for the first time since last spring.

      After surveying 33,000 current and former subway and bus riders, the MTA found that 75% of respondents said that crime and harassment are issues on public transit, the Wall Street Journal reported.

       In February, after a string of tragic subway stabbings and shovings, the NYPD deployed an additional 500 cops into the subways, however, Foye and interim NYC Transit president Sarah Feinberg, who wanted 1,000 more transit police in addition to the 500.

      In a letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio, Foye and Feinberg said that 500 more police officers was not enough.

      MTA officials say police hiring has resumed, and the force is currently at 953 officers. The target head count is 1,300 officers.

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