New York DMV Will Replace Damaged License Plates Free

New York DMV Will Replace Damaged License Plates Free

M.C. Millman

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles will replace peeling or damaged license plates for free.

New York State's Vehicle and Traffic Law requires that license "plates shall be kept clean and in a condition so as to be easily readable." Drivers can be fined if law enforcement officers cannot read the license plates.

According to DMV, peeling plates are mostly an issue with older blue and white license plates beginning with the letter' E.' However, some newer blue and gold license plates have also been peeling.

"We are encouraging New Yorkers who have peeling license plates to get new ones, without any charge, to avoid the risk of being ticketed and having to pay a fine," DMV Commissioner Mark J.F. Schroeder says.

Drivers who want the next standard plate number for free can email the DMV at [email protected].

Include the current plate number in the subject line and the following in the email.

• Name as it appears on the registration

• Current address 

• City, state, ZIP code

• Daytime telephone number

• Peeling plate number

• Photograph of the peeling plates attached to the email

A new registration sticker for the windshield will be sent along with the new license plates.

There will be a charge for those who want to keep the same license plate number.

Photo credit: Flickr 

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