NYPD With Shomrim's Assistance Arrests 2 Suspects Stealing Mail

NYPD With Shomrim's Assistance Arrests 2 Suspects Stealing Mail

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Yesterday afternoon, Boro Park Shomrim received a call about an individual going through a mailbox and pulling out mail. He was pretending to put up flyers as he went about stealing the mail. Shomrim stood at a distance and observed him stealing the mail, and alerted the NYPD which was soon on the scene.

Soon, another suspect arrived in a vehicle, and the suspect gave over the mail stolen until then. The NYPD followed the suspects as they continued their crime spree and arrested them both for stealing mail, a federal crime and recovered the mail from the car.

The incident took place in the vicinity of 19th Avenue and 61st Street.

This comes less than one week after Shomrim's work led to the arrest of two perps who pried open a green mailbox and removed mail.

Shomrim urges the public to first report any suspicious activity, as well as to be vigilant in taking mail inside immediately, not allowing it to sit outside for too long.

Boro Park Shomrim also strongly encouraged the public to opt for direct deposit rather than receiving checks by mail, as they're liable to be stolen as we saw in Boro Park yesterday.

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