Orthodox Jewish Communities Vote in Droves in Governor’s Race, Where Every Vote Counts

Orthodox Jewish Communities Vote in Droves in Governor’s Race, Where Every Vote Counts

By Yehudit Garmaise

Almost two months after the New York Times launched its attacks on NYC’s Orthodox Jewish communities, which likely influenced the New York’s Department of Education to issue its latest educational guidelines for yeshivas one day later, Orthodox Jewish New Yorkers have come out in droves over the last days of Early Voting to make sure their votes are counted.

“Early voting was at its peak on Sunday in all Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods, where people feel obligated and excited to make their voices heard,” said one Boro Park resident.

After thousands of residents patiently waited in line in recent days at polling places throughout Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods, Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein thanked the New York Times for its relentlessly negative coverage that motivated the world’s largest Jewish population outside of Israel to head out to the polls in droves.

“No political consultant could have turned out the vote in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods as your hate-driven reporters have managed to do,” Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein tweeted.

Orthodox Jews who are not happy with NY’s current climate must make sure to cast their votes because after weeks of polling results that have shown Gov. Kathy Hochul and US Rep. Lee Zeldin are running neck-in-neck, most experts say that the winner of NY’s governor’s race is anyone’s guess.

With the state so evenly split over whom is the best choice to lead New York, many experts say that voter turnout is what will decide the winner. 

While Democrats take comfort in their 68% majority in the city, to benefit from those votes, they will have to come out to vote.

If Zeldin, who is more popular outside the city, takes 35% or more of the NYC vote, he could win.

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