Photos/Video: 146 yahrtzeit of Rav Tzi Hersh of Liska Commemorated

Yidden commemorated the 146 yahrtzeit of Rav Tzi Hersh of Liska, author of the sefer Ach Pri Tevuah and Hayasher V’hatov an historical and preeminent Chasidic rebbe whose influence was felt throughout Hungary. Liska is a revered name in chasidish communities from time immemorial and is universally regarded as one of the more prominent Hungarian chasidus.

The central Tisch was led by by the Ach Pri Tevuah’s descendant the current Liska Rebbe, Harav Tzvi Hersh Friedlander Shlita, a scion of the rebbes of Liska who carries forth the masorah of his ancestors.

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