Prevent Power Outages by Reducing Your Own Use of Electricity

Prevent Power Outages by Reducing Your Own Use of Electricity

By Yehudit Garmaise

As the temperature rises to 93 degrees today and New Yorkers try to stay cool, the number of power outages across the City has risen as well.

This morning, Con Edison reported 142 households across three neighborhoods in Brooklyn that lost power.

The heat may not let up until Thursday at 8 p.m., according to a heat advisory, but residents can take measures to ensure everyone’s lights and air conditioning are running strong, says the City’s Department of Emergency Management.

Just as Con Ed reduces the City’s power voltage to prevent a larger breakdown of the network, New Yorkers can help to preserve power by taking measures to reduce their usage in many little ways, such as:

Shutting off air conditioners, lights, and kitchen appliances, such as coffee makers and microwaves, when not in use and before leaving home.

Setting a timer on air conditioning to power one 30 minutes before you arrive home.

Closing shades and blinds to prevent sunlight from warming the room.

Turning off any unnecessary lights.

Postponing laundry and running dishwashers for cooler times of day, late at night, or when the temperature cools off.

Raising the temperature slightly on refrigerators and freezers. 

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