Rally Held in Manhattan in Support of Congestion Pricing

Rally Held in Manhattan in Support of Congestion Pricing

C.G. Hoffman

Despite opposition from many NYC residents and some lawmakers, the city seems to be making strides in its plan to implement congestion pricing for Manhattan. The plan, if it is finalized, aims to reduce Midtown traffic by implementing tolls for vehicles entering Manhattan below 60th Street.

Governor Kathy Hochul participated in a rally today with officials from the MTA in support of congestion pricing, in a bid to persuade the MTA board to implement the changes as soon as possible. Supporters of the plan, say that congestion pricing will ease the crushing gridlock that consumes much of the city, as well as provide urgently needed funds to shore up the NYC public transit system. The changes proposed include replacing aging systems as well as making more stations handicapped-friendly.

The plan has received pushback from various places, with New Jersey Congressman Josh Gottheimer calling it a “scam and money grab” that can negatively affect New York businesses.

The proposed pricing plan:

Cars entering Manhattan south of 60th Street would pay $15.

Trucks would pay $24-$36, depending on size.

A price of $7.50 for motorcycles, #1.25 per ride for taxis, and $2.50 for rideshare vehicles.

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