Reader Write: Just a Lot of Hot Air

Reader Write: Just a Lot of Hot Air

Being an avid reader of your news site, I couldn't help but see that article from last week where you posted all the hype about FREE air conditioners from our wonderful New York State government. Sounds great - but here's the thing. I applied last year for my free air conditioner - as an eligible resident, and I even got my free air conditioner so now all those politicians can feel real good about how they helped me out. Kudos to them!

I just want to point out one teeny-weeny little reality - that dirty little secret that no one is bothering to share. You folks aren't going to get your air conditioner until the summer is long gone. That's what happened to me. That's what happened to my friends. That's what happened to anyone who I know applied. We applied at the beginning of the season - right when it opened, and there we were in the fall, blessed with a spanking new air conditioner installed for free and leaking cold winter air all around in no time. 

Oh wait - you want me to be grateful now that it's almost summer and finally, I can use my a.c.? 

Not a chance; we moved out just a month ago - couldn't afford the rent where we were at - and now we get to start the process all over again. 

Gotta say "I Love New York," or whatever the latest flashy motto it is that Adams likes us to say. As for me -  I'm just blowing hot air. 


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