Residents of Boro Park Center Celebrate Completion of Masechtes Brochos in Dirshu Amud Yomi Framework

Residents of Boro Park Center Celebrate Completion of Masechtes Brochos in Dirshu Amud Yomi Framework

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Boro Park Center residents have anticipated the Masechtes Brachos Dirshu Amud celebration for months, ready and eager to give kavod to the Torah learned and join together with those who did the learning worldwide.

So, while the tables in the beis medrash of the Boro Park Center were festively adorned and beautifully set as befits such a momentous occasion, the residents themselves were equally festive and rose to the much-anticipated occasion with true bren and enthusiasm.

Rav Aaron Wajsfeld—Rov of the Center and a talmid chochom of note—represented the residents in reciting the siyum on the entirety of Masechtes Brochos while the room was filled with palpable simcha reflective of the truly joyous event.

Each and every day since the commencement of the Dirshu Amud Yomi program— a program in which Klal Yisroel around the world studies one amud of gemara every day—the residents of the Boro Park Center joined by participants from outside the Center as well, have attended the regular, highly popular shiur of Rabbi Wajsfeld. Attendees report over and over that the shiur is delivered with a special geshmak, and the appreciation felt by all attendees who look forward to the learning session as the highlight of their day spills over and brightens the entire Center.

The siyum is but one of the myriads of multi-faceted programming that light up the day of the seniors who reside in the Boro Park Center. The Center spares no effort in providing unique and creative programs that make residency at the Boro Park Center something truly enjoyed by the residents who appreciate both the depth and variety instilled into every program as well as the uplifting nature and atmosphere that permeates the center day in and day out.

As the residents partook in the festive siyum on completing the first masechta in Shas, and as they promptly and enthusiastically commenced masechtes Shabbos, it was with the fervent hope that they merit to complete many more masechos with equal enjoyment for many years to come in good health.

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