Robbery of Valuable Items at Skverer Cheder

Robbery of Valuable Items at Skverer Cheder

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On Monday afternoon, the NYPD apprehended two suspects who were sought in connection with a break-in at the Skverer (BP) Cheder Beis Yitzchok this past Thursday night. 

Surveillance footage shows that three suspects showed up in a vehicle and parked outside the cheder building on 45th Street at around 1:00 a.m. Friday morning. They waited about 20 minutes before going around the back of the building and entering through the basement.  

They entered the offices on the second floor, using an axe to pry open the doors, leaving with large amounts of cash, valuable documents, and more.

High-quality surveillance footage picked up the license plate of the vehicle, which turned out to be stolen. Boro Park Shomrim worked for many hours to go through the surveillance footage, and NYPD crime scene investigators came to the scene on Friday, taking down the pertinent details. 

Monday afternoon, the Commanding Officer of the 66th precinct spotted a vehicle matching the description, and notified officers of the 110th precinct (in which he was located), and they pulled over the vehicle. 

With this action, the vehicle was impounded, and the suspects were apprehended. 

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