Saad V’Marpe - Strengthening the battlefront and the home front

Saad V’Marpe - Strengthening the battlefront and the home front

One hundred days into the war, here is a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what Saad V’Marpe has been doing, as we’ve worked tirelessly on behalf of Am Yisrael.  This diary tells the story of pain laced with hope – the story of our nation these past few months. 

We all awoke to a new and painful reality on Simchas Torah morning and, one hundred days later, the pain hasn’t left: the searing losses, the mourning, the orphans, the widows, the struggle for our existence. Yet some chose to channel those emotions into action, to strengthen our battlefront and our home front, rather than sink in despair.  One of those people was Rav Moti Fried, CEO of the Saad V’Marpe organization.  Moments after the terrible event he was already on the scene, witnessing the horrors and working nonstop on the blood-soaked ground, as he promised himself that, whatever the need, he would be there, along with his volunteers.  Because when there’s wounded on the battlefield, we don’t abandon them…

Already on that very day, the Saad V’Marpe volunteer unit came together and jumped into action, bringing supplies, offering medical treatment, bandaging both physical and emotional wounds.  They were there for the families of the hostages, the soldiers and their families.

From the moment the reserve forces and other units were called up, they enjoyed VIP treatment from the dedicated Saad V’Marpe staff: gala barbeque dinners featuring the choicest cuts of meat; rousing music, singing and dancing.  The air pulsated with energy and achdus.   Everyone felt the love and care expressed in every last detail. 

As the needs grew with the unfolding war, our field of operation expanded.  Our volunteers ran from one hospital to another, bringing with them world-renowned Chassidish singers like Lipa Schmeltzer.  They sang, played instruments and brought strength and hope to hundreds of broken hearts.

Then came Chanukah.  Once again, the angels of Saad V’Marpe lit up countless dark corners, sending gift packages to soldiers and their families, along with the sufganiyot they distributed in the army units and candles they lit in hospitals and on bases.

“You’re lifting our national morale!” one officer told us with great emotion. “Your warmth and love has given my soldiers the strength they need to go into battle.”

Another soldier, who is irreligious, added, “You’ve proven to us that, at the end of the day we’re all brothers.” 

Every Chanukah, Saad V’Marpe runs large carnivals for children. This year, we decided to make the events for the children of evacuated families, and those kids who’d been through so much were able to enjoy an incredible, action-packed experience that included popcorn, cotton candy, inflatables and lots of music and excitement. One of our carnival days was dedicated for evacuee children with special needs. These children, who are struggling with a double burden, were able to enjoy several magical hours filled with smiles.

Our representatives have also paid visits to the families of the hostages to ease their pain, singing songs and prayers of hope, providing them with Sifrei Tehillim, and attempting to bring hope and healing to their broken hearts.   

Now, one hundred days in, even as the war has become a part of our painful daily routine, the volunteers of Saad V’Marpe have not stopped working for a minute.  They constantly ask what more they can do, what else is needed.  They continue to make barbeque dinners for soldiers, and bring joy to the wounded in the hospitals and the evacuees in their hotels. They continue running special events for the refugee children, who are dealing with so much trauma.  Because at Saad V’Marpe, we understand that as the war goes on, the pain and suffering only increase, and there is so much more that needs to be done. 

At Saad V’Marpe, every day of the year is an opportunity to help.  In particular, as Tu B’Shvat approaches, the heads of the organization are preparing special personalized gift packages to distribute to the soldiers and families – to show them yet again that we are there for them, and are here to give them whatever they need.

“We won’t rest or remain silent,” asserts Rav Fried, describing Saad V’Marpe’s mission.  “We’ll stay out on the front for the entire journey and won’t leave until the last of the hostages is freed and the last soldier returns home.  Our hearts are with Klal Yisrael; we are alert to every need in the field and are there to fill it.  Only together, in love and unity, will we win.” 

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