Satmar Chassidim in Boro Park Prepare for Uplifted Shabbos Aufruf

Satmar Chassidim in Boro Park Prepare for Uplifted Shabbos Aufruf

This Shabbos Parshas Noach will find the Satmar Rebbe in Boro Park for the Shabbos aufruf of his grandson, Shulem Leizer, the son of Rav Yaakov Ber Teitelbaum, Rov of the Sigheter Beis Medrash.

 The festivities will begin with “donning the shtreimel,” when the Rebbe will crown his einikel with his shtreimel for the very first time, following which the procession will proceed from the Sigheter Shul (which was once led by the Rebbe, as it was by his father, the Beirach Moshe, before him) to the massive Satmar Beis Medrash on 52nd Street.

 There will be a tish on Friday night at 10:30. The Chosson will be escorted to Shul on Shabbos morning at

 Accommodations have been made for guests from out of town to eat the seudos at the Ateres Golda Hall.

 Careful arrangements have been made for the entire Shabbos to proceed in the most organized manner, keeping the flow of the large crowd safe and organized.

 Following Shalosh Seudos and ma’ariv, a festive forshpiel will take place in advance of the chasunah, which joyous music and dancing. This is expected to bring yet more crowds of people who have not been able to make it for Shabbos—and concluding a Shabbos of joy and holiness in Boro Park. 

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