Satmar Chassidus to Open Camp for Boro Park Boys

Satmar Chassidus to Open Camp for Boro Park Boys

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The Satmar kehillah in Boro Park recently celebrated the closing of a camp in Kenoza Lake, in upstate New York, which will serve the children of the Satmar cheder of Boro Park exclusively. 

At the Satmar Rebbes vacation home in North Miami Beach, where he is currently located, Reb Lipa Friedman—also the donor of the massive new Talmud Torah building on Ocean Parkway in Boro Park—donated the first million dollars towards the new camp, thereby acquiring the name of the camp.  

The campsite comes fully equipped with bunkhouses and a beautiful, sprawling dining room, as well as other amenities. 

The camp is set to open to the boys for this summer, 5784, be’ezras Hashem.

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