Snow Alert: DSNY Prepares for up to Five Inches of Slushy Snow

Snow Alert: DSNY Prepares for up to Five Inches of Slushy Snow

By Yehudit Garmaise

The New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) has issued a “higher-level” Snow Alert that will stay in effect until 9am tomorrow. 

To prepare the streets for what could be efforts to remove the two to six inches of snow that is expected to mix with sleet tonight, the Department of Transportation has suspected Alternate Side Parking for Tuesday.

Starting at 4pm today, the DSNY’s full fleet that includes more than 700 salt spreaders were ready to operate, fully stocked with more than 700 million pounds of salt, reported.

Late tonight, when the snow and sleet is expected to turn into a mixture of rain and sleet, the DSNY plans to place the liquid treatment of brine to prevent the snow and ice from freezing the roads and creating hazardous conditions.

Once two inches of snow falls on the roads, the DSNY will turn 2,000 garbage collection trucks into vehicles that plow snow.

Even with so many trucks being used as snowplows, the DSNY does not anticipate any garbage delays. 

“NYC residents can put out their materials at the curb following their regular schedule,” DSNY said.

In addition, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), which said the subway should remain unaffected by the snow, has fitted its articulated buses with chains to prepare for Tuesday’s morning Rush Hour. 

In addition, the MTA has deployed subway workers to spread salt, clear surfaces of snow, keep signals, switches, and third rails operating.

Those who must travel are urged to stay cautious on the both the road and on the subway station’s staircases, platforms, and when boarding and exiting trains.

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