Torah U’Mesorah and Agudath Israel Share Important Tips For Purim

Torah U’Mesorah and Agudath Israel Share Important Tips For Purim

By Yehudit Garmaise

While we are increasing our simcha in preparation for Purim tomorrow night, it's good to keep in mind and speak to our children about our commitments to keeping everyone safe and always representing our community favorably.

“Kiddush Hashem and chillul Hashem sensitivities are fully applicable on Purim,” Torah U’mesorah and Agudath Israel wrote in messages to the community. “One cannot become drunk on Purim if doing so will cause one to make a chillul Hashem by alcohol-induced inappropriate behaviors.”

Do not drink and drive, or get into any car whose driver is under the influence of alcohol: “Adults should caution students and children about underage drinking, and hosts should not provide underage guests with alcohol,” the organizations urged.

At all times: Know where your children are to ensure their safety. Parents, rebbes, or other trusted adults should accompany young people who are out collecting.

Be sensitive in your choice of costumes. Exercise great care to avoid any take off on other cultures, because they may be considered mockery and lead to reactions of open hostility.

“Please be mindful not to unwittingly upset our neighbors,” wrote Torah U’Mesorah, which asked community members never to do inflammatory things, such as painting their faces black or brown or enacting the hanging of Haman from trees or poles.  

Stay fully aware that others are watching and listening to us: as we drink, drive, and play music into the night. 

“Remember that our neighbors are watching,” Torah U’Mesorah urged.

Participate in one of the many incredible learning programs, such as Yeshivas Mordechai Hatzadik, to spend Purim connecting with Hashem.

Perhaps place some mishloach manos at your non-Jewish neighbors’ doors with friendly notes. Such generous gestures go a long way to minimize any hard feelings and enhance good neighbor relationships and darchei shalom.

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