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Watch: Davenen by Dovy Meisles & Shulem Brodt

25 Nov 2018 5:37 PM


Dovy Meisels is a well-known Hasidic Musical Performer, who’s known as the top Kumzitzer in the Jewish communities worldwide.

Here’s a beautiful heart-warming video of a recent performance by Dovy singing the new hit song “Davenen” composed by the famous artist “Hershy Weinberger

Dovy is joined by his fellow musicians and duetted with the talented wonder-child ”Shulem Brodt” who lends his beautiful voice to this meaningful song.

“Davenen” is a song of prayer, which inspires the spiritual meaning of communication through prayers to Hashem, who asks of us-children to get closer to him by sincerely davening to him.

The combination of these two voices will have you singing along and warm your heart to continuously Daven to Hashem.

Musicians Keyboard: Asher ringel

Electric guitar: Moishy Schwartz

Percussion: Meir loeffler

Flute: Meyer Rosenbaum

Live sound engineer: Yoely Karpen

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