BDE: Mrs. Mindy Kugelman, a”h

BDE: Mrs. Mindy Kugelman, a”h

We are deeply saddened to inform you of the passing of Mrs. Kugelman, a lifelong Boro Park resident, at the untimely age of her low 50’s. 


She was born into the home of of Reb Yekusiel Tzvi Deutch, z”l, who has sadly passed away this past erev Rosh Hashanah— a home filled with emunah and bitachon and dedication to Yiddishkeit, and it was largely due to these foundations that she so embodied these values for all her life. 


She was married to ybl”ch Reb Elimelech Kugelman, sheyichye, and together they raised a beautiful family within the Stoliner kehillah in Boro Park. 


Mrs. Kugelman was a legendary mechaneches, serving as a first grade teacher in Beis Yaakov of Boro Park for more than three decades. She was well known for her talent and dedication, and seminary classes would come and observe her lessons. She instilled the love and joy of Yiddishkeit into thousands of her students over the years. 


But her influence was not limited to her classroom. 


In addition to her family, she influenced countless people simply through her presence. She was a fountain of cheer and joy, which she infectiously transferred to those around her. From little girls waiting for the bus in the mornings, who could count on her cheerful wave, each and every day, to the adults to whom she would smile and inquire about their welfare. 


This untimely loss is deeply felt by her family and friends, the entire stoliner kehillah, and the scores of people who were impacted by her. 


The Levaya is tentatively scheduled for Sunday morning.


Yehi zichra Baruch.

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